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At Elegant Dental Care, we understand how frustrating it can be to deal with missing permanent teeth. Even though permanent teeth are designed to last for our entire lives, there are a variety of issues that can cause premature tooth loss. However, having to get through routine daily tasks with a missing tooth can be difficult, and even embarrassing in some situations.

While many people choose to never replace a lost tooth, this can lead to a variety of other issues. One issue is that when you lose one tooth, the neighboring teeth have a tendency to shift or twist because there is no longer anything holding them in place. Another factor is the process of resorption. This is when the body begins to recycle the bone material because it is no longer necessary to hold the roots of your teeth in place. Unfortunately, this can reduce the bone that is holding other teeth in place and cause additional tooth loss.

Elegant Dental Care offers a variety of treatment options to replace lost permanent teeth, but one of the most highly recommended treatment options is using dental implants.

What are Dental Implants

Dental implants are a two-part piece of dental equipment that replaces the function and structure of the tooth. The first part of an implant looks much like a small titanium screw. This is called the post. The post has a special coating and has microscopic holes drilled throughout the surface.

The post is installed directly into the bone underneath the gum tissue. The special coating triggers the body to stop the process of resorption and actually start to build new and stronger bone. The microscopic holes act as places for the bone to grow into and securely anchor the post in place.

Once the post has properly healed, a crown is placed on the top of the post. The crown looks, feels, and functions like your natural teeth. It even requires the same care as your regular teeth, so you don’t have to worry about specialized cleaners or adhesives to keep it in place.

Types of Dental Implants

There are several different options for your tooth replacement with dental implants. One of the simplest implant types is a single implant. The single implant simply places one implant in the place of one tooth. While it is called a single implant, the same approach can be used for multiple teeth throughout the mouth, or even the replacement of each of your teeth.

Another approach is the use of a bridge. A bridge that uses implants is usually designed to replace a few missing teeth that are in alignment. The posts are placed at either end of the bridge, and a special crown is created that replaces all of the missing teeth but is attached to the two post “abutments” at either end of the bridge. This means that you can replace multiple teeth with just two implant posts.

The All-on-4 approach is a revolutionary system that can replace an entire arch of your smile rather than the use of dentures. All-on-4 strategically places four titanium posts across the entire upper or lower portion of your jaw. A special crown is then created from a single piece that perfectly matches with the location of the four posts. This can then be securely anchored to your implants so you have a secure smile that won’t shift or fall out like ill-fitting dentures.

Implant-supported dentures are similar to the All-on-4 system, but there is more flexibility for your surgeon to place additional titanium posts or to move the posts to different locations depending on your specific needs. The end result is the same, though, a beautiful and functional smile that allows you to live your life on your terms.


If you are considering your options for the replacement of permanent teeth, contact Elegant Dental Care today and see the difference that implants can make in your life.

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