Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If your Wisdom Teeth become impacted, they may cause pain and oral health problems in the future.

Wisdom Teeth removal can prevent certain dental issues like infection and decay. It can eliminate pain caused by an impacted wisdom tooth.

Does everyone need to have his or her wisdom teeth removed?

Not everybody will need to have his or her wisdom teeth removed. If you experience pain or complications as a result of their wisdom teeth, they may need to be removed. During your dental visit, Dr Sohn will be able determine if you're wisdom teeth are impacted or erupting at an improper angle, which may be caused because there is not enough room in your jaw.

Common Signs of Wisdom Tooth Issues

Typically, Dr Sohn will be able to identify these issues with your wisdom teeth before you do. During your regular check-up at Elegant Dental Care, Dr Sohn can often see potential issues using x-rays. However, there are some common warning signs you can look out for when it comes to wisdom tooth problems:

Bad Breath

persistent bad taste in your mouth or chronic bad breath often signals an infection. When wisdom teeth grow in incorrectly or become impacted, they can become more vulnerable to decay and other issues.

Inflamed Gums

Irritation from your wisdom teeth can cause your gums to swell and become red and painful. This can also lead to gum disease.


Since the back of your mouth is difficult to reach, cavities form easily on the surface of wisdom teeth. Once decay forms, it can quickly spread to other teeth and cause widespread health issues.

Sinus Issues

In your upper jaw, wisdom teeth may be located close to the sinuses. You may notice sinus pain or pressure, headaches, or congestion.

Crooked Teeth

For many patients, wisdom teeth grow in at an angle, putting pressure on other teeth and causing them to shift. In others, teeth may move when wisdom teeth erupt because there is not enough room in the jaw.

If You've Been Told You Need an Extraction, DON'T WORRY, YOU ARE NOT ALONE...

Take Action Today

If your wisdom teeth are causing painful symptoms you may need to have them removed, delayed treatment can lead to future problems. At Elegant Dental Care we encourage resolving dental issues before there is a need for much more expensive and invasive procedures.

If you are experiencing symptoms of wisdom teeth complications, or if you are interested in preventive extraction for your child, schedule a consultation today.

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