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  • December 15, 2018
  • Tooth loss isn’t something that many of us think about until the time comes where we either lose a tooth unexpectedly or are told by our dentist that we require an extraction. Tooth loss can occur for a variety of reasons. Often a tooth will fall out or need to be removed because it is severely decayed or damaged, and as such it not only needs removing to alleviate the symptoms that it is causing, but also to preserve the health of those teeth surrounding it. In some instances, a sudden trauma, such as a blow to the mouth, can cause a tooth to come loose and fall out. Or in other cases, severe periodontal disease can compromise the tenacity of our teeth.


    Whatever the cause for your tooth loss, the impact a gap in your smile can have can be much more significant than you might expect. In addition to potentially affecting the way that you eat, smile or even speak, a gap between your teeth can have cause you to feel embarrassed, self-conscious and even ashamed about your appearance. A smile is essential for a great first impression, and if yours is compromised, you may feel unable to enjoy life in the same way that you should.


    Fortunately, there are more ways in which you can resolve the issue of a missing tooth than ever before. While in the past dental bridges were the treatment of choice for single gaps, today dental implants offer a highly successful alternative that doesn’t rely on the strength and support of surrounding teeth. Various designs of dental implant are available, including one of the newest and most revolutionary – Ultratooth™.

    What is Ultratooth™ and how is it superior to conventional dental implants?

    The technique to place dental implants is completely unique. Each implant has three sections – a titanium screw or post that is inserted into the jaw bone via the gum, a special connector called an abutment, and a crown that forms the visible part of the artificial tooth. Since the implant post takes the place of a natural tooth root and the bone in the jaw grows around it, it forms a secure and stable anchor to support the visible element of the artificial tooth. In most instances, the implant posts are fitted and left to integrate with the surrounding bone for a number of months, and in the meantime, the patient is left with a temporary crown. However, since these crowns aren’t permanently secured to the posts, the functionality of your teeth is slightly limited and certain foods will be off-limits. It isn’t until your final crown is fitted several months later that you can regain full function of your smile again.


    As their name suggests, Ultratooth™ single day tooth replacements can be fitted, and you can regain full use of your teeth the very same day. This is because they are FDA-approved for something known as ‘immediate loading’, which means that they can withstand normal day to day forces such as biting and chewing straight after they have been implanted. There is no need to be fitted with a temporary crown and you can start enjoying eating whatever foods you want to immediately, including those which are hard or chewy and that you might ordinarily avoid while wearing a transitory crown.

    Benefits of Ultratooth™ Single Day Tooth Replacement

    By choosing Ultratooth™ for your tooth replacement, you can enjoy a range of different benefits. These include:


    You can achieve full use of your replacement tooth the very same day

    As we know, Ultratooth™ is the only dental implant solution that has been given FDA approval for full function immediately after placement. This means that you can return to enjoying the foods that you like as soon as you return home after your procedure.


    Minimal bone loss

    The unique ‘Eiffel Tower’ design of the Ultratooth™ solution means that the bone loss often seen in cylindrical and screw-style implants does not occur. This means that your jaw bone is in no way compromised by the placement of your implants.


    Greater surface area

    Ultratooth™ has 30% more surface area than an equal size screw implant. This gives your new replacement tooth greater security and stability than any of the current alternatives available.


    Improved bone density and quality

    When expansion of the Ultratooth™ design occurs, compaction of the surrounding bone improves bone density and quality.



    With proper care and attention, Ultratooth™ has been shown to be just as durable and long-lasting as other types of dental implant and could last you upwards of 20 years.



    If you are interested in finding out more about Ultratooth™ single day tooth replacements, or you would like to schedule a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced and knowledgeable dental team.

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