The goal of implant dentistry is to give replacement of your teeth in shorter time with less pain, less swelling, less surgery, less bone grafting, less time to heal, and easier to get it done.
Here we have in our office two innovative dental implant solutions for this purpose. One system is called MagicCore, a unique and biologically advanced technology that promotes Minimally Invasive Implant Surgery (MIIS). Implants can be placed without cutting open the skin of the mouth, which will reduce pain, swelling, healing time, faster recovery, and faster restoration. Due to the creative design, it involves less bone grafting, less likely to go into the sinus cavity to do aggressive Sinus grafting procedures. If the bone is narrow for the implants, surgical instruments are designed to expand and reinforce the implant sites. One body implant design, not 2-3 parts of the traditional implants reduces the risk of loosening screws or breakage. There are other advantages and benefits of this implant system, we are proud to be the certified provider of these implants in southern California.

MagicCore Implant System

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